Those Who Serve

Provisional Members

A member’s first year is considered their Provisional year. Provisional members are invited to join JA in the spring, with obligations starting for the following JA year between the months of August and February. Provisional members are engaged in complying with the requirements for admission to Active membership. The Provisional year is spent attending meetings, touring projects, learning how Junior Auxiliary works and sometimes completing special Provisional projects. All hours accrued by Provisional members are recorded under Education for Provisional members. Provisional members do not have the right to vote or hold office, but are encouraged to participate and provide suggestions. Financially Provisional members are responsible for dues. At the end of their Provisional year the board reviews each Provisional member to assess if they have completed their requirements for Active membership and votes to admit Provisionals into Active membership.

Active Members

A member who has completed all requirements of their Provisional year and has been voted into membership by the board is considered an Active member. Active members are required to fulfill all obligations for 5 years of service. Active members (with exception of some holding offices) are required each JA year to complete a MINIMUM of 40 hours of work on service projects, attending Chapter meetings, and  completing a minimum of 12 education hours. Active members have the right to vote and to hold office and are responsible for carrying out the activities of the chapter.

Associate & Life Members

After 5 years of Active membership in good standing, members can choose an Associate membership or a Life membership. An Associate member is one who continues to pay dues to the association for a period of 10 years after their active service has ended. They do not have the right to vote, hold office or propose new candidates. A Life member is one who has completed their 10 years of Associate membership, or has paid the equivalent of 10 years of dues. Associate and Life Members are always welcomed and encouraged to help with any service project or activities to continue the JA caring spirit.