Child Welfare

The Child Welfare Project is the heart and soul of Junior Auxiliary (JA). Each Chapter has its own project that is in direct support of a child, family, after school program, or classroom.

Junior Auxiliary is dedicated to helping all of the less fortunate, and continue support wherever it is needed most. Nevertheless, Child Welfare is more than filling a one-time need. It is a continued personalized involvement. A founding principle of Junior Auxiliary is that no matter what size of a Chapter or where located, we can accomplish helping others in need. The objective of this project is to break the cycle of dependency, whether it be physical or emotional.
There are two basic requirements:

• The project must provide one or more of the necessities of life:

food, clothing, shelter and/or emotional support.


• There must be an ongoing relationship and commitment established between the Chapter member or members

and the recipient.

If you or someone you know may benefit from Junior Auxiliary’s Child welfare project, please print this attached application and contact a Junior Auxiliary representative listed on the contact portion of our website. Confidentiality is of upmost importance to us and your identity will not be published at any time.

Our hands quick to help others in need...